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The Digital Leadership Institute


The Digital Leadership Institute has been awarded support from the Digital Belgium Skills Fund (DBSF) for its work to increase participation of girls and women in digital studies and careers in Belgium. In collaboration with the King Boudewijn Foundation and through support of the European Commission, DBSF aims to increase social inclusion through digital skills, especially for young people. Launched in 2016 by Mr. Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister for the Digital Agenda, the Digital Belgium Skills Fund has a budget of €18 million which will be invested over the next three years on initiatives that teach key digital skills, including basic coding and cyber security.


Women in Business


The platform is addresses to women from Brussels women who are project leader or who are looking for information, for a specific support, for events of raising awarness or for reflection on the female entrepreneurship. Women in Business is also adresses to all women who are searching how other women created their own employment. * in this website, you will find many others links




JUMP works with the organisations and individuals to close the gap between women and men at work, achieve sustainable corporate performance and create a more equal society.


Bruxelles Pionnières


Female entrepreneurship incubator


WoWo Community


The networks strive to make visible the women entrepreneurs and project leaders to allow them to gain confidence and to spread their talents.




Professional Women International is a Brussels based multi-national network. We help professional women grow and succeed and (thus) advance gender balanced leadership. We are a a non-profit and want to provide you with the tools and attitudes to be leaders, offer you a safe space to learn as well as perform, provide you with opportunities to contribute and create, and support female empowerment in general.


Femmes Chefs d’entreprises


Through the contacts that we have forged with enterprises in the region, associations, and Chambers of Commerce, we favour exchanges and networking. The economic development of each of our regions through the development of our members is our objective, with the support of economic activation officers, Chambers of Commerce, professional associations, etc. Our objectives aim to promote enterprises managed by women by favouring their visibility and recognition.




Webzine dedicated to the new technologies and to high-tech for the girls.


Interface 3


Interface3 aims to spread and to diversify the fields of professionnal investment of the women and to help them to build foundations for a professional carreer in the market of employment within the IT Skills became inescapable.




BeWiSe’s main objectives are to support the position of women in science, both in public and private sectors and to improve communication among women in the Belgian and European scientific community




A Belgian network which is focus on the studies of gender – bilingual asbl subsidized by the Institute for the equality


WATS – Women Award in Technology and Science


The objectives of this campaign are the following:

  • to strengthen the position of women in scientific research and innovation in the Brussels Capital Region, especially in fields where few women are present
  • to generate interest in science and technology among young girls in Brussels.

To this end, Innoviris will put the spotlight on different profiles of women in science throughout the year, so that the candidates become examples for young girls. Via a competition, a winner will be chosen, who will receive a prize of EUR 10,000 and become an ambassador for all women scientists in Brussels.





Just For The Record is a project addressing how gender is represented in new media and writing/publishing tools like Wikipedia, and what influence this has on the way history is recorded.


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