Bastien Van Wylick, Alexandre Philippe, Anthony Naralingom & Marine Liesenhoff



Sharify is a community of change-makers that share skills and knowledge through training and experimentation, using circular, collaborative and cooperative models. They aim to create viable businesses with a positive impact on tomorrow’s society.


Put forward the singularity of your start-up, from its value added to its innovative dimension

Sharify is different from other incubators or acceleration programs, thanks to its drive to create a real social impact. Structured as a non-profit association, it is mainly represented by its community of change-makers who aim to find viable solutions for major problems in today’s society.

The more experienced members are called to share their knowledge through training programs and events such as boot camps and conferences with the rest of the community. Want-to-be entrepreneurs are welcome to take part in the entrepreneurship school and learn the tools & methodologies employed by the most innovative start-ups.

The school, divided in to two courses: “Technical Boot camp” & “Business Academy” will allow each student to acquire the skills needed to create their project in the new economic model and to launch their own website!

Twice a year the students of the entrepreneurship school along with Sharify, members and members of the public are invited to gather during an “Impact Challenge” (a mix between a hackathon and a startup weekend) to co-create businesses with a positive impact. After each “Impact challenge”, the project owners are provided with tailored coaching & expertise, offered by several of Sharify’s partners or members of the ecosystem. If they desire, they can also request to be financially supported by our investment fund: CitizenFund.

We all share the same values and goal: generate local impact!

What were your motivations when you decided to create Sharify ?

Marine Liesenhoff. My motivation, along with the Sharify co-founders, was to stimulate entrepreneurship as the new economic models. We don’t aim to be the new Uber or Airbnb, but our goal is to create a community, founded upon creating a positive economic and environmental impact.


What obstacles did you face while creating it?

ML. The major hurdle for Sharify was to find a niche in the market and to implement the product as a reco-gnizable brand. As a half entrepreneurship school, half start-up incubator, Sharify appeared as a new partner in the ecosystem by creating the perfect bridge between these two worlds. The main goal being to stimulate entrepreneurship as a new economic model, it has become the perfect platform for anyone wanting to start their entrepreneurship journey along this theme.


Did the fact of being a women & a founder seem an exception in the start-up field? 

ML. There are few women in the start-up world, and even less as a founder. But the gender landscape is evolving. As a woman and a co-founder, I make sure that Sharify also works with partners such as (Women in Business, Women in Tech, Girlic, Interface 3, Molengeek,…), with the aim of accelerating this evolution. On the other hand, the interest of women for entrepreneurship is high and I believe that they are essential ingredient in a team to bring creativity and a different perspective.

It isn’t a secret that Sharify’s gender equality model has contributed a lot to the success of the project.


What advice would you give to a future entrepreneur?

ML. Get out of your comfort zone!


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