Sophie Hofman & Arik Azoulay


Today people get access to information mainly through social networks. For this reason the presence of media on social networks is crucial. Because algorithms decide who will be on the top of the list of search results, anyone should feed them, under the appropriate formats. Radio content is unique in itself, being a mix of storytelling, humour and spontaneity which cannot be found on other media. Unfortunately, it is under-represented in social networks, losing opportunities to touch all the audience present on social networks.

Lilicast transforms, in only three clicks, your radio interviews into a digital success!

Lilicast is a very easy to use, integrated web app that allows people that have something interesting to say on the radio, to record themselves, then generate automaticaly a video ready to be shared on social networks and make self-promotion to reach thousands of people!

Put forward the singularity of your start-up, from its value added to its innovative dimension
Gain time and share information

Thanks to Lilicast, the person who speaks on the radio no longer has to wait for the radios to get his own podcast. This will make him gain a lot of time and, in the meantime, will reduce the workload for the radios.

Moreover, Lilicast is an integrated tool. No need to juggle with five different tools. In less than 5 minutes, Lilicast allows you to record, extract the most valuable moment of your radio speech and then automatically generate a brief video, which is ready to be published on social media to quickly reach thousands of people. Without Lilicast, this can take up to 45 minutes and discourage a majority of people.


Technological achievements

2.5 years of research and development gave us the capacity to develop a strong and performing structure which allows us to stream an infinite number of radio stations and stock our data at a ridiculously low price. Besides, Lilicast does not ask for any integration. For all those reasons, we will soon be able to spread internationally and thus make our full content accessible worldwide.

What were your motivations while creating the start-up?

The access to the diversity of information is freedom and time is something precious. These are the foundations on which we built our mission.

Our mission is to allow creators of radio content to spread it in the easiest and fastest way possible on social media and on the web.  Nowadays, everything happens on social media. 80% of the young people access information through those platforms and, unfortunately, radio content is under-represented.

We therefore wanted to create a virtuous circle. On one hand, help the creators of content in making their voices be heard on social networks. And on the other hand, give everybody access to it. Our mission is also to give back to the radio the attention it deserves.


What obstacles did you face while creating it?

The main obstacle we had to face must have been the generation of users and our initial positioning.

First, we identified a target which turned out to be different from our true one. We thus had to make some arrangements regarding our strategy. We spend a lot of efforts trying to reach our initial target but then, we took the necessary time to re-position ourselves and re-identity the true target, based on surveys and interviews.


Did being a woman, besides of being a creator, appear to be a singularity in the start-up world?

Women are still a minority when it comes to entrepreneurship and the fact of being a woman can also open some doors. Besides, thanks to the creation of numerous associations such as “Women in Tech“, there is some kind of positive discrimination which benefits to us.


What advices would you give to a future entrepreneur?

You have a good idea? You believe in it? Find the right positioning but most of all, be committed, bring good people to your side and go for it, and all of this while being patient!

Get rid of all the stereotypes you may have like “it is more complicated if you are a woman“.

Gender does not make success, skills and commitment do.


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