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FAÇON JACMIN is a 100% denim ready-to-wear brand for women, which we launched together (twin sisters Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin), in May 2016.

Alexandra: I first studied fashion design at the University of La Cambre (Brussels) and then worked as a fashion designer for Maison Martin Margiela for two years. I have also worked for J-P Gaultier’s, also for two years. I take care of all the creation process. Since an early age, I have always been attracted by this mythical material, the denim, a material which beautifies with time and which evolves with the woman who is wearing it. Traditionally associated with simple jeans, I wanted to make this fabric appear under all possible shapes and make it more sophisticated by creating a complete denim wardrobe.

Ségolène: I am a graduate civil engineer and I have worked in consulting. I take care of all the commercial and administrative work. I have always had the desire for entrepreneurship and for using the complementarity I have with my twin sister to develop a project with her.


FAÇON JACMIN, it is not only a way to dress up, it is also a unique and innovative way to meet with costumers thanks to a mobile shop, a van from the 80’s, designed as a cosy and friendly boutique.


The clothing

The denims come from Japan, which is well-known for having the best manufacturers. Gifted with unique craftsmanship and perfectionism, they work with traditional machines, which provides this narrow weaving and this profound blues. The cloths are then manufactured in Bulgary in a workshop specialized in denim production.


The brand positions itself between middle and top-range, with prices from 150€ to 320€. We wish to bring a designer product with an accessible price, quality pieces one can keep its whole life. Thanks to its commercial approach through direct selling, FAÇON JACMIN succeeds in combining quality and accessibility.

Put forward the singularity of your start-up, from its value added to its innovative dimension

Well aware that the ready-to-wear industry is a competitive market, FAÇON JACMIN essentially differe-ciates itself thanks to three key strenghs:

  •   The product: concept of re-inventing the denim, quality materials.
  •   An innovative commercial approach.
  •   A strong duo behind the brand.


Product: Sophisticate the denim

FAÇON JACMIN offers a wardrobe for women entirely made out of denim, one of the only materials that beautifies with time and lives a story with the one who is wearing it. Like us, the denim ages, and it allows a rare dialogue between the person and its cloth.

We innovate based on this mythical fabric which is the denim. Usually restricted to the famous pair of jeans, the shirt or the jean jacket with this particular denim codes (rivets, topstitches, etc.), we wish to reveal it through every possible shapes (incl. coats, tops, dresses, skirts, scarves, etc.).

Different techniques (stitching, slicing, coating, folding) and treatments (fading, laser, serigraphy) are applied on the fabric. They all make the clothes stand out and allow nuances in coloration.
We wish to sophisticate and assimilate this fabric. Until today, there has never been that much innovation around denim.

Re-assimilated simplicity

Start with a simple shape to end with an original creation. Some techniques (pliers/folding – elastic bands / sliding – crossing, knotting) let us shape the volumes, let us bend and adjust, so that certain pieces are created in a unique size. Some other pieces are also reversible.

Thanks to its clothing, FAÇON JACMIN aims to go back to the essential: the material, the quality. We do not speak about fashion, we speak about a realistic wardrobe.

We cautiously select the most beautiful materials, mainly from Japan, and we attach great importance to have our manufacture workshop in Europe.


FAÇON JACMIN, it is also a unique way to go and meet with the customers, particularly thanks to its mobile shop, a van from the 80’s, designed as a cosy and friendly boutique. The mobile shop allows to establish an authentic contact with the customer and to share a nice moment / an experience. Way more than a marketing tool, it represents an important way of selling and became a true identity mark for the brand.


FAÇON JACMIN is born from the subtle and unique collaboration between two twin sisters, Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin. Alexandra, fashion designer and graduate from La Cambre (Brussels) made her first steps with Maison Margiela and J-P Gaultier, in Paris. Ségolène, civil engineer and entrepreneur, used to work in strategy consulting. Absolutely sealed in the need of quality, the determination and the taste of adventure, their complicity and complementarity both find the most genuine expression through FAÇON JACMIN.

What were your motivations while creating the start-up?

A need of independance, of freedom, of being our own boss.  A wish to innovate, to create, to build, to be able to put all our energy in our project. The taste of adventure, not knowing what tommorow will be made of, but having all the satisfaction to harvest the fruits of our efforts.


What obstacles did you face while creating it?

Patience. Developping the brand‘s universe and its trademark takes time and requires patience. Remaining competitive against the fast-fashion concurrence and the mass-production, by regularly offering new and innovative pieces, still at an accessible price. Not getting lost in the quantity of work to do and things to deal with: accountancy, sales, creation, marketing, HR, etc.


Did being a woman, besides of being a creator, appear to be a singularity in the start-up world?

Yes, because the fashion world is a frozen world, very specific, where innovation has trouble to find its place. Managing to conciliate high end creation and innovation (beyong the product itself) is a true challenge.

Before the mobile shop was launched, people who are involved in the fashion world around us would make fun of this idea: to associate a mobile shop to a rather high end fashion brand. Now, they are all amazed.


What advices would you give to a future entrepreneur?

Be patient, and always positive, never give up. Forecast the necessary budget for your professional activity but also for your private life. Be morally supported by your loved ones. Be open to feedbacks and learn from your mistakes. Be aware of your skills and limits and make sure to get complementary and competent people on your side.


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