Selected Artist:

Claire Williams [Be]


An Electromagnetic Walk is an installation comprising a series of everyday objects, each one connected to a headset and an electronic device manufactured using textile techniques, a fine copper mesh overlaps the objects creating antennae that can pick up electromagnetic waves present in our daily environment.

Amplified and translated as such by sound, these antennae give us access to a portion of the sound spectrum usually subtracted to the human ear. During walks, visitors are invited to use or wear these strange artefacts to capture and collect the various sound sources.  They discover the extremely dense soundscape of the electronic devices and magnetic fields that surround us.

Place of creation

T.A.M.A.T Tournai


Working at the border of science, art and textile, Claire Williams sees herself as an artist and researcher that works between these fields, finding a common language, creating and amplifying specific interactions between different mediums. Her obsessions lie mostly around data, sound and ancient textiles, trying to materialize digital matter, imperceptible or inaudible informations found in our super saturated techno-environment.  She likes to work with unstable media, researching ways to create specific tools, usages or techniques to give us a sensitive experience in our daily environment.

In her work she mainly uses textile techniques, hacked machines, DIY electronics, open source software and hardware.


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