The Halles Saint-Géry



Iconoclastic agora, the Halles Saint-Géry act as a lighthouse in Brussels since 1999. Accessible and demanding, unpredictable and transgressive, the Halles prove to be a forerunner, an innovative territory for transmission and learning. The Halles invite the visit-actors to become the witnesses of past and current boldness.

Since 1881, in the very heart of historic Brussels, raise an exceptional building with its characteristic architecture from Flemish neo-Renaissance.

The Halles Saint-Géry are an emblematic agora dedicated to what de ned and still distinguishes the Brussels- Capital region. Centre for exhibitions and cultural events in downtown Brussels, they give shape to one of the major symbols of Brussels-Capital region. Their ambition is to reveal the demarcation lines between material and immaterial heritage and to contribute to the valuation of preserved goods, of what it means to people and what it represents (for society).

The HSG are both the archivists and the ambassadors of what makes the Brussels-Capital region vibrate. The HSG Touch prove to be the determined bias for the unusual and the new: from the inmost to the formal, from the underground to the consecrated. The approach advocated here is rmly anchored in its time.

They allow one to discover the “Brussels Specimen” in its roots and its mutations. Uncomparable space, unique of its kind, the Halles commit to the bene t of an inclusive vision of heritage by displaying a hybrid programme with exhibitions, conferences, study days, performances, concerts, digital content development…


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