Monday December 11th @ 18:30 – 20:30

For a Copernican Revolution – The Art of Transgression

The exit of corporations, and crossing borders. Transdisciplinarity: how the meeting between the latest technologies, the world of science and artistic creation can invent new and promising work. How to contribute to the creation of new partnerships between these players in these complementary fields.

  • Sophie-Charlotte Thieroff, Akademie Solitude • Web
  • Christiana Kazakou, The Scientist in residence program • Web
  • Alain Liedts, Fondation Liedts-Meesen • Web
  • Elisabetta Lazzaro, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht • Web
  • AnneMarie Maes, artist • Web


Partner Location : ESA Saint-Luc

Web • Fb Map (50, rue d’Irlande 1060 Brussels)

Tuesday December 12th @ 10:30 – 12:30

Haro sur les Princesses

*In partnership with the Arts & Métiers Campus – CAM & CTA Infographie
Mornings dedicated to school groups : This session and is dedicated to school groups



Partner Location : Campus des Arts et Métiers

Web • Map (50, Boulevard de l’Abattoir 1000 — Brussels)

Tuesday December 12th  @ 18:30 – 20:30

From Zero to 1 – Innovation Beyond a Categorical Imperative

Beyond the incarnational discourse of ayatolas of the «disruptive» model, what is innovation? What do we mean by what seems to be the categorical imperative of our contemporary societies? How to promote it, stimulate it and favour which prospects?

  • Susan Schneegans, UNESCO • Web
  • Katrien Mondt, Innoviris • Web
  • Nabyla Daidj, Télécom École de Management (Institut Mines Télécom) • Web
  • Martine-Nicole Rojina, artist • Web


Partner Location : BOZAR

Web • FbMap (23, rue Ravenstein, 1000 Brussels)

Wednesday December 13th @ 18:30 – 20:30

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – For a Brave New World

What does the notion of 4.0 imply, what does it mean? How the question of gender arises in the light of this industrial revolution. The challenges and oppor- tunities related to these questions will be presented by examples of incomparable professional initiatives.



Partner Location: BE CENTRAL

Web • FbMap (12, Cantersteen, 1000 Brussels)


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